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Stamped Concrete Patio - Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co

Mar 7

Stamped Concrete Patio - Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co

Patios are frequently used to either relax alone or gather family and friends. That is why it is important to ensure it's comfortable and enjoyable. There are many homeowners who are ready to invest a significant amount of money in the interior of their homes. They have nice furniture and décors to make it look more presentable and cozy.


If you want to have the finest items on your patio are important however, making sure it's sturdy and reliable is essential. There are various materials to be used when the building of your patio. Concrete is always a popular option.


Concrete is a material with the characteristics that make it a perfect patio. It's long-lasting, durable as well as easy to maintain and is affordable. Concrete lasts for many years. It could last for decades if you keep it maintained regularly. However, what a lot of people realize is that proper installation is essential to make your concrete patio last.


Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co has been building concrete patios for long enough. We have had many happy customers across Knoxville and its surroundings. Today, our clients continue to grow in number. Our concrete experts are the best contractors who design and construct all top-quality concrete driveway work.


Concrete Patios of different kinds


Concrete is the most sought-after material for patios. It's tough, long-lasting and very flexible. It's also quite affordable relative to other construction materials that are available in the market. When planning an outdoor concrete deck, it is essential to consider the different kinds of concrete you are able to apply for your project. You don't have to search elsewhere to find out, however, as we can break it down to you. We are confident that Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co does all of these.


Poured Concrete Patio

An outdoor concrete patio can be the sought-after option among the various types of patios made from concrete. Concrete slabs that are pouring have an even and smooth surface suitable for any type of furniture for outdoor use. Concrete slabs are simple to maintain. You can simply sweep dirt using a simple Broom or wash it off with water pressure.


Stamped Concrete Patio

Also called decorative concrete, stamped concrete is a replica of more expensive construction materials such as natural stones as well as wood and brick. We have a variety of textures, colors designs, and colors to choose from. If you'd like your concrete patio to be customized you can also avail custom design services. Stamped concrete isn't only perfect when it comes to concrete patios. It also improves the appearance of other concrete surfaces like pool decks as well as driveways and floors.


Concrete Paver Patio

Our company offers a wide range of concrete pavers. No matter the form or design you want for your concrete patio, we're sure to have the right paver for you. Concrete pavers can be found in a variety styles, colors, textures, and sizes. They can be laid on over a bed filled with sand or even or on an existing concrete surface you wish to upgrade.


Concrete Patio Finishes


A concrete patio is an excellent addition to any backyard. It is an outdoor space where you can relax by yourself or chill with your family and other friends. As a top concrete builder, we provide our clients with a variety the concrete patio finishes they can pick from. Based on your personal taste or design preferences your choice of your concrete patio to feature the following features:


Polished Surface

This polished, polished surface or Concrete patio slab is very well-liked by traditional and conservative homeowners. It's clean-looking, nothing fancy generally plain. If you're seeking this type of concrete finish concrete slabs and poured concrete are the best route to get there.


Stamped/Decorative Concrete Finish

Stamped concrete is a great option for inventive homeowners. This technique allows you can explore the various types of colors, patterns, and textures. You can select from a broad range of straightforward or elaborate designs like stones or wood decks. You can have one custom-made for you , too. The decorative finish makes your concrete patio distinctive and more attractive.


Beveled Edge Concrete Finish

As the name suggests Bevels refer to a inclined edge that is placed between two main surfaces, which allows joining. Bevels are perfect for safety as well as wear resistance and the overall design of a patio (or all concrete buildings for that matter).


Exposed Aggregate Finish

We achieve the exposed finish by removing the top layer to reveal the aggregates, like stones and sand. The process involves the water washing technique or applying chemical retarders. This finish is perfect to improve slip resistance. Making it the best choice to finish your concrete patio.


Concrete Patio Installation Process


Every day, each one of us works hard to provide our customers with the highest quality of service. We take our work seriously to ensure that we have satisfied and satisfied customers at the conclusion of every project. In order to ensure the highest quality of final results We follow a lengthy step-by-step process for installing concrete patios, that includes:


Project Site Evaluation

Only concrete contractors with experience know that there are several soil conditions. In all our concrete patio installations, we check the soil's condition first. The type of soil we are working with is very important to ensure the durability as well as stability for the construction.


Preparation and delivery of construction Materials

On-site preparation involves taking measurements (on a square foot basis) and making sure everything is prepared for the installation process. Additionally, we manage the transport of building materials, ensuring everything is in place so that we can start and finish within the timeframe.



Our patios are stunning, we're sure of it. We also make sure that they're durable and long-lasting enough to stand harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures. The first step is to build concrete flooring, then building the walls (depending on the design). Every step of the way we make sure to avoid any mistakes that could be a cause for future problems during the process.


Quality Check

We never leave an unfinished project. The concrete experts at our firm conduct quality assurance inspections to make sure we built a concrete patio that's sturdy and long-lasting. Our concrete experts ensure that the patio has an unshakeable foundation as well as the concrete's surface is completely installed.

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