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Leak detection company vs plumber who should you call for your pool?

Aug 5

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Who should you call for your pool? Leak detection company or a plumber?

Las Vegas may have many beautiful water resorts, but we still love to stay at home and enjoy our own swimming pool where we can have lots of quality time with family without spending cash. Or throw an unlimited pool party with friends. It is a cool way of fighting the hot Nevada temperature.

But how are you going to do that if you will detect some leaks into your pool? Leak detection companies will advise every pool owner not to ignore even a single leak. “Because the one thing your pool has is water. Water may not seem like a destructive force, but given enough time it could be. As water escapes your swimming pool, it has to go somewhere. There's a good chance it will start accumulating in areas you don't want it. And that could lead to trouble.”

When this happens, who should you call for help? Leak detection company or a plumber? Every profession has its own different expertise to offer, they become experts because of their years of experience, knowledge in the specific issue, and comprehensive training. So, if you saw some leaks or think that there are some leaks in your swimming pool, who are you going to ask for help?

Let us discuss the difference between a plumber and a leak detection company: A plumber is a type of professional that maintains the water system of the house or a building, that includes toilets, baths, showers, sinks, dishwashers, and washing machines. While leak detection specialists are under the plumber category but specialize in leak detection. They have the knowledge of a plumber and have unique tools that are intended to accurately detect where the leaks started, which is why they work efficiently.

What are the signs of leaks? The usual signs of leaks are low water pressure, some molds, damaged floors or walls, and high water bills. But for a leaking pool, the common signs are wet spots in the yard, high water bills, growth of algae, cracks, and the sudden drop in its water level.

Who should you call for help? Since we are talking about a leaking pool here, a reliable pool leak detection company is the perfect contractor to contact when this happens to you. Here in Vegas Pool Leak Detectors use the latest technology and methods to find and locate any sneaky pool leaks. Whether it's buried in the underground piping or sneaking through micro-cracks in the pool tile, we can find it. No leak is too tough for our skilled team. So when you think you might have a leaky pool, call the top leak detectors in LV!