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Bringing Life to Your Pool Area with the Best Plants

Dec 8

We all know plants can bring life to any area, but plants for pool areas are even better because they require very little maintenance. It’s also a great way to make your pool or backyard more inviting and refreshing. Whether you have an above-ground or in-ground pool, plants around the edge of the pool will keep bugs away while adding color to your outdoor space.

The plants below are some of our favorites that work well with pools:


Echeveria plants are low-maintenance succulents that work great as ground cover, and some varieties even have beautiful flowers. They’re also one of the few plants that can handle direct sunlight with ease.


Proteas plants, which come in different shapes and sizes, are known for their beautiful flowers. They can range from bright pink to orange or even purple.

Dracaena Marginata

This is one of the most popular plants for pools because it has vibrant red leaves that look stunning around the water.

Dracaena Marginata  This is one of the most popular plants for pools because it has beautiful, bright green and yellow stripes on its luscious purple stems which make them stand out against blue or black backgrounds.

Cape Plumbago

Also called leadwort plants, Cape plumbagos also have beautiful flowers and work well as ground cover plants around pools with partial sun exposure.

Hebe plants

Hebe plants are beautiful flowers that attract butterflies. They’re herbaceous perennials, which means they produce fresh new growth every year and work well as ground cover plants!

Ficus benjamin

These plants don’t need much water, and they’re good at keeping mosquitoes away from you.


This plant is great for pools because it only needs little water and has beautiful silver veins on the leaves that look stunning with sunlight. The Fittonia’s unique features make this a wonderful addition to any poolside space or indoor room where you want an easy-care, low maintenance accent piece in your home!

Pothos plants

Pothos plants are great for those who want a plant that can handle wet soil, but doesn’t have time to focus on watering and caring for it. These plants need little maintenance, so you will be able to enjoy your pool more!

Monstera deliciosa

This is a great plant for pools because it stays green without needing as much sunlight or water as other plants, but does require some attention to its root system, which can be easily monitored since they grow near the ground.

Caring for Your Plants Around Your Pool Area

reflection of blue light crossing above pool near house during nighttime

Keeping plants near your pool can be tricky. You want to plant flowers and shrubs that don’t need much water or light, but you also have to keep an eye on the root system for any underground damage from surrounding construction like pools and patios. If a root system is causing problems in another area of your yard (such as damaging sprinkler lines), it’s best if you prune them accordingly, so they won’t cause future issues with other parts of your garden!


So if you want to bring some plants around your pool, go for plants that don’t require as much attention or water, so you can focus on enjoying yourself instead of worrying about plants. These are just a few of the many plants that work well with pools and will look great in any outdoor space by adding life and freshness!

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